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You want excellent legal advice and service. Our legal team is ready to help you in any of the following areas:

Foreclosure Defense and Appeals

Fighting a foreclosure is one of the most stressful events you can face as a homeowner. We know – and we can help you.

Our Sarasota office defends homeowners in foreclosure in Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties. You can get great representation. If the banks have lawyers working for them, you want even better lawyers working for you.

  • Have you stopped making payments on your mortgage?
  • Have you just been served with a foreclosure?
  • Are you considering walking away from the home? (DO NOT JUST WALK AWAY!)
  • Are you in foreclosure and worried the process is going too quickly?
  • Taking too long?
  • Have you tried defending your foreclosure case yourself, and now you're overwhelmed?
  • Have been unjustly foreclosed on by the bank?
  • Do you have an upcoming trial and you don't want to go alone?

Get foreclosure help right here.



Real Estate, Title Insurance & Closing

Your house is uniquely your own. No two homes are alike, and no two closings are alike. But there is one thing every real estate purchase should have -

A competent title insurance and closing agent.

If you are buying or selling a home anywhere in Florida, contact us for a free quote.

Not all closing agents are created equal.  Many title companies are not run by attorneys.  Why trust your closing to a title company when you can have a lawyer handle your transaction for the same cost?  Buying or selling real estate is a major event and you deserve qualified representation.

At the McKillop Law Firm we represent buyers and sellers, issue title insurance, perform real estate closings and act as an escrow agent for our clients, all for about what you would pay a title company.  You do have a choice.

Even For Sale By Owner, do-it-yourself types should have a title insurance and closing company.

Your real estate needs are our priority right here.


Estate Planning, Wills Trusts and Probate

Having your end of life decisions in place ahead of time is the most important gift you can give your family. If you were to pass away today, would your family know how to execute your wishes? Would the inheritance you leave to your family be properly protected?

Your estate plan is a priority. Get your will, trust and other end of life documents completed now, before a crisis. There are only two certainties in this world – death and taxes. Plan now for the first one, so that your family doesn’t have to unnecessarily bear the burden of the second.

Every responsible adult should have a solid estate plan in place, and should review their estate plan periodically. Here are some key indicators that it is time to create or update your estate plan:

  • If you are an independent adult over the age of 18, you should have at least a simple will and advanced end-of-life directives.
  • If you are married, you should have at least a will and advanced end-of-life directives for yourself and your spouse.
  • If you are a same-sex couple, you should have at least a will and advanced end-of-life directives for yourself and your partner.
  • If you have children, you should have at least a will, preneed guardian for minors designation, and advanced end-of-life directives for yourself (and your spouse).
  • If you have significant assets or significant life insurance benefits you should consider adding a trust to your estate plan.

You should update your estate plan if you have gone through any of the following since your old plan was created:

Bought or sold a home - Inherited significant sums of money - Newly married, divorced or widowed - Started a business - Disabled or become responsible for a disabled parent or child - Any other significant life event

To get Peace of Mind for your family, click here.


Debt Collection and Consumer Protection

Overdue debts are a significant burden towards achieving financial freedom. If you have already defaulted on a debt, there is a good chance your loan been sold of to a debt collector. You can, and should, negotiate the best deal possible. We can help.

If a debt collector has sued you, you still have the option to settle and avoid a bankruptcy.The debt collectors tend to have overworked, underpaid and under trained staff working for them. Get better representation and put the law to work for you.

Stirring up your emotions is the debt collector's number one goal. Surprising, isn't it?

You assume the goal of most debt collectors is to wriggle money from you. The debt collectors know that the more frustrated you are, the greater chance they have of getting you to pay them so that they will "just go away".

To achieve their goals many debt collectors go outside of the rules to try to get you to pay them. If you have any of these happen to you, you may have been the target of illegal debt collection activity.

Have you...

  • had a debt collector contact you at work?
  • had a collector threaten you with jail, loss of your children, or other criminal sanction?
  • received calls from a debt collector  at night, or had one calling you so often as to be harassing?
  • had a collector attempting to collect a paid off or expired debt?
  • found improper or excessive fees added to your debt?
  • been the target of other unlawful activity?

If a debt collector is breaking the law, federal and state law allows you to FIGHT BACK!

Get our help fighting back against unlawful debt collection right here.

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