Advance Directive Coaching for Your Surrogates and Agents

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 Annual Maintenance Program Benefits - Advance Directive Coaching

Chances are, you aren't an attorney. And chances are the family and friends who you designated to act for you in your estate plan aren't attorneys either. That's why our Annual Maintenance Plan includes Advance Directive Coaching as one of its most important benefits.

When you designed your estate plan with us, you took time to consider exactly who you wanted to make decisions for you in case you were incapacitated or worse. Suddenly your family and friends are also your health care surrogates, guardians, successor trustees, or attorneys-in-fact. But do they know what to do in a time of crisis?

Advance Directive Coaching

With us as your partners, your representatives have an attorney on-call ready to coach them through their duties. As a member of our Annual Maintenance Program, we are ready to advise your loved ones on dealing with doctors, hospitals, banks, relatives, and anyone or anything that helps them execute the plan we designed. Like we said, its one of your most important benefits. 

Not a member yet?

 The Annual Maintenance Program is only $300.00 for a full 12 month membership. Call us of fill out the form below to learn more about becoming a member of our Annual Maintenance Program. Helping you and your family is always our primary goal. 


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